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Whether you’re in charge of an entire product development effort or need help during a stage of production, Weran full-service product development team has the knowledge, experience, and horsepower to complete your project on time and on budget.

Appearance Design

Weran, As a solution provider with core competitive force in product planning, appearance design based on industrial design and product quality, our design team strives to elevate product competition through design, to give play to the linkage between research and development and manufacturing process, to improve product value, increase product added value and to transfer vision, strategy and operation philosophy of our customer’s brand image.

Functionality Design

Weran product team accelerate product development by,
A). Allow engineers to utilize their technical ingeuity to the fullest with crystal clear definitions of user job tasks, goals for reach, and obstacles that make each of those job tasks challenging.
B). Improve product quality by making sure users can perform their job tasks with the products and get the desired outcomes and benefits.


Weran buid up bridge the information gap between manufacturers and designers. Our product team fully integrate designers, engineers, machinists and qulity controlling dept, interaction into manufacturing process at very early project phrase.

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