Warning: This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For Existing adult smokers & vapers only.


Colorful life, arrive as you wish.

Exquisite taste, exquisite restoration.

The W071 is longer lasting and takes more puffs. The appearance looks similar, but in fact it is quite different. First of all, the mouthpiece is different. Through optimization, the flat mouthpiece fits people’s lips more comfortably, and sucks more comfortably. In addition, we have also upgraded the taste of e-liquid, so that the experience of smoking and passing the throat is smoother, and the life is more colorful. Start now.

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Qualificated E-Liquid

The ingredients tested with nearly 30 national standards for food safety.

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Ensure consumer affordable price without quality compromised

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For Each Wonderful Moment​




Battery Model: 13300

Battery Capacity:380 mah

Coil:Nicke chromium heating wire

E-juice Capacity:2.0ml


Life for per atomizer:600 puffs

Size: Ø14.5 x 90mm

Net Weight:21.3g

Color & Pattern: as is shown&can be  customized


Mango,Watermelon ice,Blueberry ice,strawberry,Blue raspberry,Sour apple,Pink Lemon,Virginia Tobacco

Customized Flavor

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